mckay-family-photo-about-page-imageIn 1953, a watchmaker from Spokane WA named Robert McKay bought a second hand carousel. After a busy week and a pail of silver dollars later, he was in the carnival business for the rest of his life. Bob Mckay died in 2001, but his sons and grandsons continued the family tradition. Some operated rides, some operated game booths, and my father, Wayne, started the Food service part of the show.

The Mckay family is no longer in the Ride or Game business, but in the fifty plus years of the outdoor amusement, The Mckay boys have honed the trade of midway food into a fine art.

My name is Brian Mckay, and my brothers and I have been providing fairs and events in the Pacific Northwest with great fair food our entire lives.

If your fair, festival or shindig needs great Fair foods, attractive trailers and efficient, high volume service, then we are ready to help.